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Greyhound Acupuncture.....By Dr David Gilchrist
Equine Acupuncture.....By Dr David Gilchrist
Pregnancy Testing.....By Dr Oskar Stunzner
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Greyhound Acupuncture By Dr David Gilchrist

Dr Gilchrist's first book, Manual of Acupuncture for Small Animals, and now out of print, enabled hundreds of veterinarians world-wide, to achieve many exciting results. As a result of such wide-spread interest in acupuncture therapy a need has developed for a more comprehensive, ailment oriented, practical textbook.

Greyhound Acupuncture fills that need.
COMPREHENSIVE Although the title would suggest that it is primarily concerned with greyhounds, this book in fact covers most common conditions of ALL canines, plus many others that affect the greyhound in particular. Greyhounds are used for illustration purposes. Many of the formulae are applicable to cats as well. There are over 125 pages describing in great detail the treatment of many ailments.

EASY TO USE The book is designed to lie flat on the surgery table beside the practitioner with ALL the information for each condition visible at a glance. (All the points, where to find them and how to stimulate them. Extensive use is made of photographs and line-drawings to illustrate precise point location.

UNIQUE Nowhere else is such a wealth of information of such a practical nature so readily available. The book is a "how-to-do-it" guide for the experienced and the beginner alike. Now in its 5th Edition.

PRESENTATION Spiral bound, for ease of reference and use, this will make a worthy addition to any professional library.

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Equine Acupuncture By Dr David Gilchrist

In 1984 Dr David Gilchrist published GREYHOUND ACUPUNCTURE as an additional resource for his students around the world. While pursuing a series of veterinary acupuncture seminars, veterinarians kept asking for a similar book but on Horses. To fill this need, EQUINE AUPUNCTURE was first published in 1988.

EQUINE ACUPUNCTURE is in the same format as Greyhound Acupuncture. Spirally bound, its lie-flat structure and its one-condition per page format, allows for it to be kept close to the action. Suppose for example you were wanting to treat a sesamoid condition, you would open at page 77. On the left side of the open book you would find a short discussion followed by a listing of the acupuncture points appropriate for treating sesamoiditis, or for post surgical treatment of sesamoid problems. Each point is described verbally, using anatomical landmarks, and guidance given as to the depth of insertion for needles. On the opposite side of the book you will find diagrams further illustrating the location of the points.

For every condition, the book will display the all the information relative to the condition in the same way. It is not necessary to flick back and forth thru the book to find what is required to for treatment. It is ALL there and visible at one glance.

All of the important equine conditions treatable by acupuncture are listed alphabetically from appetite stimulation to vertebral pain. This book, now in its 5th edition, is a MUST HAVE for horse practitioners.

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Laser Therapy for Greyhounds By Dr San Yin Chiao

Dr San explains in clear concise English,how LASER LIGHT ENERGY affects normal and abnormal living tissues, AND how to harness this valuable therapeutic resource in the veterinary hospital, for the benefit of Greyhounds. While greyhounds have special needs due to their sporting injuries, all small (and large) animals can benefit from your understanding of this publication. Lasers have become almost indispensible, not just because of their healing powers, but also for their ability to influence acupuncture points in a painless and aseptic manner. Lasers may well replace much of the needling techniques of ancient chinese medicine.

All Veterinarians and horse and greyhound trainers will benefit from this one.

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Laser Acupuncture for Racehorses By Dr San Yin Chiao

In this publication, Dr San explains about lasers and gives "How-to-do-it" instructions for a wide range of common to the racing and performance horses. Additionally, a little-known, and formerly "secret" acupuncture points for speed and endurance are described and formulae given. Dr San also reveals how to achieve TONIFICATION, SEDATION and REGULATION with the laser beam.

Originally written for the layman, this publication will benefit all equine enthusiasts.

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Advanced Laser Beauty Techniques By Dr Tsu San Li

A text for beauticians for the beautification of the female of the human species. This provides basic training for medically unskilled personel (beauty therapists), in the use of the laser for cosmetic purposes such as the rejuvenation of the skin, the minimisation of wrinkles, the treatment of acne, scarring and other blemishes. If you already posses a laser unit and would like to use it on your spouse (or yourself) then this is a MUST HAVE for you.

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Pregnancy Testing

A Cattle Producers' Guide to its Practice and Use in Herd Management
By Dr Oskar Stunzner B.V.Sc. Grad. Dip. Management.

Use this book to ........

Learn how to test your cattle for pregnancy.
Eliminate infertile cattle from your herd.
Improve your herd management techniques.
Enhance your feeding strategies..

This book is a MUST-HAVE for veterinary students, veterinary surgeons, cattle producers and dairy farmers alike.
Teaching yourself how to do pregnancy tests in cattle has never been easier, due to the plain english, no-nonsense style adopted by Dr Stunzner in his book Pregnancy Testing. Step by step instructions, and clear diagrams enable you to quickly grasp the techniques for precise diagnosis not just of the pregnant state but also of the stage of the pregnancy.
Dr Stunzner develops his subject with a logical progression from basic anatomy and physiology, through to the practical techniques of pregnancy testing. He also connect.phps sections on important subjects such as handling facilities, beef cattle genetics, the application of genetic knowledge to cattle breeding and a glossary. Most importantly Dr Stunzner emphasizes the role of pregnancy testing as a management tool. His common sense approach to the interpretation of data will strike a chord with all those people who strive to make a living from cattle breeding.

This book is not a collection of "ivory-tower" theories
Dr Stunzner graduated as a veterinarian from the University of Queensland in 1966, and worked in private practice, government and industry in Australai and the Pacific region. He has lectured at the University of the South Pacific, and at present is a cattle consultant. Throughout this time he has been involved in the grass-roots management of cattle as owner of a 7000 hectare cattle property in Queensland. He is therefore an extremely practical teacher who shares, in Pregnancy Testing, his vast experience wiith cattle.

Look what others have said about Pregnancy Testing

"The most in-depth book on pregnancy testing I have read. I found the information very easy to use and the book very easy to work with in the yards".....Carol Randle----Cattle Producer, Capella Queensland.

"Pregnancy Testing is a concise, easily read book which combines a wealth of information on the practice and use of pregnancy testing with general cattle breeding and management. It is essential reading for those who seek to improve the efficiency of their cattle operations by the use of pregnancy testing"....Peter Milne, President Queensland Cattle Council.

"Oskar Stunzner has produced an excellent manual for the veterinary surgeon as well as the cattleman. Pregnancy Testing will enable any person with an interest in cattle to become proficient at diagnosing the state and stage of pregnancy. I wish this book had been available when I was a student. I commend this book as an invaluable resource for all persons associated with cattle".......David Gilchrist, Veterinarian----Brisbane Australia.

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