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Animal Acupuncture Academy

Animal Acupuncture Academy or AAA , is a registered business (Certificate Number BN6467131), formed for the following purposes:-

1) To promote the study of Acupuncture as it applies to our domestic animals.

2) To encourage and disseminate knowledge about the use of acupuncture in wildlife.

3) To provide specialized training in Animal Acupuncture for all those who desire to learn and excel.

4) To establish and maintain a high standard of tuition to ensure that our graduates are well equipped with the knowledge and experience to enable them to practise animal-acupuncture at a high standard of competency in their community.

5) To instill the virtue of "ethical dealing" into our graduates by our example in our dealings with them.

6) To provide on-going support and mentoring services for our graduates.


The Tutor is Dr David Gilchrist.


Curriculum Vitae: Dr David Gilchrist B.V.Sc.(Hons). DipAc.


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