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Animal Acupuncture Academy

5 Steps To Enrolment

(An up-to-date Fee Schedule comes with the Prospectus)

Step 1

Click on GET PROSPECTUS button on the main page.

Request the Prospectus Package in the format which suits you. (word or pdf)

Print out the Prospectus Package which contains all the forms you will need.

1   11 pages which connect.phps
2   *Application for Enrolment
3   *Syllabus
4   *Rules & Conditions
5   *Lessons & Access
6   *Payment Options

*    These 5 forms must be Signed, Witnessed and returned to the office by registered airmail.

   Step 2

Decide which PAYMENT SCHEDULE best suits your needs.


All fees are quoted in Australian Dollars.
The exchange rate varies hourly.
Full Pre-Payment of fees locks in the exchange rate and the discount rat

   Step 3
Read all the 5 forms
Fill in the Application Form
Sign all the other forms to indicate your acceptance.
Ensure your signature is witnessed where indicated


You must sign and return all items marked with a red asterisk* above to be properly enrolled.

You must have your signature properly witnessed.

Enrolment will not be effective until we receive all the paperwork and the appropriate fee payment

   Step 4
Send us all the forms back by
registered AIRMAIL
Ensure that you have made payment


Registering your enrolment package ensures it will not get lost in the post.

As soon as we accept your enrolment you will be notified and given access to your first lesson.

   Step 5
Advise us by email that the documents have been sent.

Also advise us if the payment is with the documents or has been effected by Bank Transfer.


Congratulations and welcome!


All fees paid to Animal Acupuncture Academy are non-refundable and there are NO EXCEPTIONS to this rule.
You can choose payment options which provide for either substantial discount or for limitation of your exposure. It is your choice.

(1) Fees may be paid in 4 equal instalments. The first instalment must be paid at the time of enrolment. Subsequent instalments will be required after 25%, 50% and 75% of the course has been delivered. Should you withdraw from the course you forfeit fees paid to date but you will not be required to make further payments.
(2) If you wish to fully prepay the course fees you benefit from a 25% discount, but if you withdraw from the course for any reason at any time after enrolment, you forfeit the discounted fees paid.
(3) TRIAL OFFER. We understand that you may have reservations about
(a) Your academic abilities to complete the course
(b) Up-front payments of fees
(c) Making a substantial financial investment.
(d) Making a substantial personal commitment of time and effort.

Our special trial offer will address the above issues and allow you to fully experience our course, while limiting your financial investment to just $600 (+GST in Australia).

A Trial offer applies ONLY to FULL PRE-PAYMENT options for the FULL COURSES (ie A, B, &C). It does not apply to the DIY Course.
If you choose the trial offer, you will be provided access to the first 10 lessons of your chosen course in the same way as other students. If you withdraw at any time during the trial period you are not refunded any part of the trial offer fee, but you are under no further obligation to proceed with the remainder of the course. When you have finished the 10th lesson, you will have to option of

    • Withdrawing from the course with no further obligations.
    • Continuing the course by choosing payment method 2 above. Your trial payment will be credited towards the single discounted prepayment.