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Animal Acupuncture Academy

What they have said....unsolicited of course!

a selection of comments from former students.......

I am writing to say that despite our scepticism (initially) we are getting great success with acupuncture treatment. Our treatments have been confined mainly to musculo-skeletal and nerve paresis problems with about 80 -90% success rate - some long term paresis problems have responded amazingly well which has stunned us!
(W. New South Wales)

I have been quite amazed at my good results despite my ineptitude and the simplicity of the formulae. I have been mainly treating arthritis, anorexia, respiratory depression, and Central Nervous System disorders.
(Y. New Zealand)

I can recommend the course wholeheartedly.
(T.T. Queensland)

It was a most stimulating experience and has certainly given me a greater confidence to pursue this discipline further. I wanted to thank you for giving your time to spread the word.
(M .New Zealand)

Thanks a lot! I will let you know about my acupuncture miracles soon, just a bit flat out, but I am amazing myself and my clients. If I choose the right case, eg muscle/back pain etc I am getting animals which have been lame for months to walk normally! I am so glad I started studying with you, thanks.
(S.S. Western Australia)


.....and one other.......I

I have watched veterinarians trained under David Gilchrist succeed with acupuncture to the great benefit of their patients. I can state without equivocation that any practitioner who studies under David will gain very valuable and practical knowledge, which if developed and utilised will give forth splendid therapeutic results in quite a range of otherwise intractable conditions. David Gilchrist is an innovator with a fund of effective valuable knowledge.
(Dr Tom Hungerford OBE FACVSc HDA, the late Director of Post Grad. Foundation in Veterinary Science, University of Sydney. NSW)