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Animal Acupuncture Academy

We have decided after consultation with several hundred prospective students that the best way to send lessons over the internet is in the .pdf format. This is the Adobe Portable Document Format. PDF enables us to send text and graphics in color or black & white in a compressed file. All that you need to do is to aquire a copy the latest Adobe Acrobat Reader and you will be able to download all of our lessons and other teaching material and be able to view them in color on your computer and then print them out either on your own printer or on someone elses printer. Acrobat Reader is available for download free of charge from the adobe website. Click on the link below and scroll down to the bottom of the page. Get the Acrobat Reader and NOT the E-Reader!


While you are downloading you should also get a copy of WINZIP.This is because your lessons will be compressed or "zipped-up" and they will be password-protected. WINZIP will enable you to decompress your lessons and apply the password that you will be given for that purpose.

Winzip may be downloaded for free by clicking the link below.